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Sirena and Nebita by ZirconAzalea516 Sirena and Nebita :iconzirconazalea516:ZirconAzalea516 2 6 Serenity and Tedmund Page 2 by ZirconAzalea516 Serenity and Tedmund Page 2 :iconzirconazalea516:ZirconAzalea516 1 11 Serenity and Tedmund Page 1 by ZirconAzalea516 Serenity and Tedmund Page 1 :iconzirconazalea516:ZirconAzalea516 1 7 Io the guarded by ZirconAzalea516 Io the guarded :iconzirconazalea516:ZirconAzalea516 1 3 Niobe the conceited by ZirconAzalea516 Niobe the conceited :iconzirconazalea516:ZirconAzalea516 1 5 Ariadne the lost by ZirconAzalea516 Ariadne the lost :iconzirconazalea516:ZirconAzalea516 4 9 Aloe Spiderbite by ZirconAzalea516 Aloe Spiderbite :iconzirconazalea516:ZirconAzalea516 5 8 Jason and Piper by ZirconAzalea516 Jason and Piper :iconzirconazalea516:ZirconAzalea516 1 16 Leo and Calypso by ZirconAzalea516 Leo and Calypso :iconzirconazalea516:ZirconAzalea516 2 10 Starco Expecting by ZirconAzalea516 Starco Expecting :iconzirconazalea516:ZirconAzalea516 7 8 Damon Lucitor's parents by ZirconAzalea516 Damon Lucitor's parents :iconzirconazalea516:ZirconAzalea516 3 23 Otrera the ruthless and Andromeda the chained by ZirconAzalea516 Otrera the ruthless and Andromeda the chained :iconzirconazalea516:ZirconAzalea516 10 12 Damon Lucitor by ZirconAzalea516 Damon Lucitor :iconzirconazalea516:ZirconAzalea516 2 34 Draw the squad!!! Voltron edition by ZirconAzalea516 Draw the squad!!! Voltron edition :iconzirconazalea516:ZirconAzalea516 9 19 Krolia by ZirconAzalea516 Krolia :iconzirconazalea516:ZirconAzalea516 12 20 Yuri DDLC by ZirconAzalea516 Yuri DDLC :iconzirconazalea516:ZirconAzalea516 5 6


Hybrid Meteora REDRAW by NamyGaga Hybrid Meteora REDRAW :iconnamygaga:NamyGaga 433 79 ...Hide my tail? REDRAW by NamyGaga ...Hide my tail? REDRAW :iconnamygaga:NamyGaga 612 30 Mama, where you been? REDRAW by NamyGaga Mama, where you been? REDRAW :iconnamygaga:NamyGaga 494 16 Please Meteora, come back to me REDRAW by NamyGaga Please Meteora, come back to me REDRAW :iconnamygaga:NamyGaga 855 33 Infinity's Wand by kitkat7315 Infinity's Wand :iconkitkat7315:kitkat7315 2 3
Rise of The Golden Flower - Script
*Zoom in on the castle window and into the bedroom. You see a girl with a pillow over her head* 
Servant: "Your majesty! Its time to get up!
Persephone: *Groan* "I don't wanna get up!" 
Servant: "Its your 14th birthday miss!"
*Persephone then tries to muffle out the servant but then remembers something.*
Persephone: "my 14th... BIRTHDAY!" 
*The girl shot up fell off her bed before quickly recovering herself and grabbing her royal gown. She brushed her wild orange locks and brushed her white teeth. Before running out of her room causing the servant to fall over.*
Persephone: SHOES!!!!
*She ran back and pulled on her mary janes. She then zoomed back out. She reached the royal throne room where her family was waiting.*
Stella: Finally! Now, as many of you know my daughter Princess Persephone Butterfly has finally reached 14 years of age and will earn the royal mag-
*She was cut off by Persephone saying...*
:iconannieofarendelle:AnnieofArendelle 1 3
Voltron: Fight by Lanaluu Voltron: Fight :iconlanaluu:Lanaluu 480 48 Voltron: Lotor Again by Lanaluu Voltron: Lotor Again :iconlanaluu:Lanaluu 601 38 Estella in her silver bell ball dress by charanimations Estella in her silver bell ball dress :iconcharanimations:charanimations 47 10 be still by kiilea be still :iconkiilea:kiilea 197 8 Strings Attached by pijamies Strings Attached :iconpijamies:pijamies 8 0
My Line of Queens
I'm going to have a line of queens here they are
|name |theme song|
Iris queen of rainbows
Hera the kind-hearted
Astral the holiday
Juniper the nature lover
Parisa the religious
Castle the guardian angel
Elpis the hope
Melephomene the dramatic
Age Of Desire & Wealth
Fortuna the greedy 
Hermesia the quickest theive
Thea the queen of jewels
Rosalinda The Spoiled 
Miracle The Rude 
Age of Corruption 
Nemesis The Vengeful
 Medusa The Fake
Circe The Corrupted
Scorpius The Queen Of Monsters
Corona The Cruel
Thalia The Cursed 
Age of Diversity
Nysa The Star Of Culture
Terpsichore The Dancer
Harmony The Balanced  
Belinda The Cook
Ampirmite The Queen Of Seas
Zusia The Queen Of Skies
Age of Astronomy 
Estella The Brightest Star
I'm going to make episodes for Estella!
hope ya like it
:iconcharanimations:charanimations 2 6
Mother and Son by MichelleClancy Mother and Son :iconmichelleclancy:MichelleClancy 141 5 krolia and keith by mananeez krolia and keith :iconmananeez:mananeez 246 26 Proud Parents by MichelleClancy Proud Parents :iconmichelleclancy:MichelleClancy 93 6 Strong Petals by Jowybean Strong Petals :iconjowybean:Jowybean 1,859 77



Sirena and Nebita
This is Ponyhead's first daughter, Sirena. She is Seahorse and Ponyhead's child though Ponyhead tends to divorce him and remarry him at least twice a year. And her friend on her right is Nebita. She is part of the Felidae royal family. (Cats)

These two are like the Heathers of the school. red heart bullet yellow heart bullet green heart bullet      
But they are both Heather Chandlers... red heart bullet red heart bullet 

They all go to St. Olga's school for diverse princesses. Where they learn responsibility, discipline but because Patty Arms is the homeroom teacher, they also learn about the importance of eating a decent brunch. Eggs, waffles, bacon and more bacon... 
Very important. :giggle: 

These are the bullies of the school. Nobody disrespects them. Nobody tells teachers and if they do, they play it innocent. :innocent:  
Halley does not like them one bit.
They call her a names and think of her as half-human dirt and her friends horrible names too. Halley ignores them as much as possible but find she gets in verbal arguments with them more than she would like. :argue: 
Hello, everybody!!!
As of tomorrow morning, I will be on my way to Florida. I will spend roughly a week there and will be back on the 30th of April.  I will be making art during this period but will have to wait till I get home to post it, because of the lack of internet that I have out of the country, and because it's vacation. 

I hope you all do well, and I will see you in the next week or so. XOXO
Serenity and Tedmund Page 2
Tedmund: *Sits by her side, then smiles kindly* "Hmm, didn't this happen last month?"

Serenity: "it happens all the time... I'm sick, you comfort me, I do my royal duties.

Tedmund: *Bits lip* "But don't you ever get tired of being sick? *Actually concerned*

Serenity: *sighs* of course but i never get better.

Tedmund: "Well, I'll stay with you every step of the way.."

HERE YA GO. The second page. This is a comic series brought to you by: 

Serenity and Tedmund Page 1

Serenity: *Coughs*

Maid:"Would you like anything, princess?"

Serenity: *Coughs again* "No, thank you.."

Maid: *Nods, leaves the room to let her rest*

Tedmund: *Slowly opens the door* "Hello, princess. How are you feeling?"

Serenity: "Exhausted."

Tedmund:"You mind if I sit?"

Serenity: "Of course not."

HERE YA GO. The first page. This is going to be a comic series brought to you by: 

Io the guarded
Io was married to Kasios Jupiter. The Jupiter family was known to be flighty but Kasios stayed with Io for less than 5 months, leaving her with a child that was his. She was guarded heavily like her mother Niobe ordered, her main guard being Argus. She snuck away from the castle and got kidnapped by a Minotaur. Just a month and a half later she was rescued after her mother committed suicide from losing her only child left. Io had a baby girl named Echo. Who was diagnosed at age two with deafness

Sorry the graphics are off, stupid MS paint. 

1. Real Name: Amelia

2. Nickname(s): None. Well my friend called me Phoebe and Meh Meh at one point...

3. Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

4. Male or Female: Female

5. Elementary: Mine is a mix between Elementary and Middle school… does that count?

6. Middle School: Mix.

7. High School: I can’t wait!!!

8. Hair Color: Light brunette!

9. Long or Short:  LOOOOONNG

10. Loud or Quiet: LOUD

11. Sweats or Jeans: Jeans are cool, but not as comfy so Sweats

12. Phone or Camera: Camera! I’m old school!

13. Health Freak: Sometimes only when there are sick people around.

14. Drink or Smoke: Heck no. I drink water boi.

15. Do you have a crush on someone: Nope! Ha ha! I’m a single pringle!!!

16. Political orientation: Mostly Conservative. Canada boi.

17. Piercings: I’m not piercing my body.

18. Tattoos: Only temporary ones.


19. Airplane: Once when I was really young. I don’t remember it well.

20. Car Accident: Thankfully no. At least yet…

21. Fist Fight: I roughhouse with my bros. Does that count?


22. First Piercing: LOL I don’t have one.

23. First Best Friend: That would be… actually I have no idea.

24. First Instrument played: Piano

25. First Award: Um, trustworthy award as of grade 3? It was a big deal back then. Okay?

26. First Crush: Somebody in Kindergarten, but I'm not telling you! Heh.

27. First Language: English and I like to speak french as I know. I don’t know a whole lot, but whatever.

28. First Big Vacation: to New Brunswick! Canada yeah!


29. Last Person, you talked to: My brother

30. Last Person, you texted to: My Mom?

31. Last Person you watched : Sangled

32. Last Food you ate: Raisin Toast

33. Last Movie you watched: Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban

34. The last Song you listened to: Caro Emerald, Tangled Up (Lokee Remix)

35. the Last Thing you bought: Ketchup chips


37. Food: Ketchup chips and bean salad

38. Drinks: Blue Gatorade.

39. Clothing: Dresses and leggings

40. Book: Percy Jackson, Magnus Chase, Kane chronicles or Harry Potter

41. Color: Mint green or synergy green

42. Flower:

43: Music: Pop or rock, hip hop works too.

44. Movies: Passengers

45. Shoes: Runners or flats.

46. Subjects: Art, math, history or literature.


47. Seen snow (Uh, I live in Canada, Yes.)

48. Celebrated Halloween (Yep, I make a good Half-blood, this year I think I’ll go as Pidge gunderson...)

49. Had Your Heart Broken (Kindergarten?)

50. Went Over The Minutes On Your Cell Phone (I have unlimited minutes muahahah!)

51. traveled without my family (Went on a trip with the school band. I hated it.)

52. Came Outta The Closet (Wait, what does that even mean? Um, I’ve walked out of my closet before…)

53. peed my pants (I have been a toddler at some point, guys.)

54. pooped my pants (Toddler, probably?)

55. Done Something You've Regretted (Write this, most likely)

56. Broke A Promise (Haha ha ha ha… who hasn’t?)

57. Kept A Secret (Maybe?)

58. Pretended To Be Happy (Heck I’m doing it right now just writing this… ha ha ha *Sobs*)

59. Met Someone Who Changed Your Life (My parents, duh.)

60. Pretended To Be Sick (I think, Not usually. It’s like the boy who cried wolf, if I say I’m say I’m sick again when I actually am, nobody's gonna believe me.)

61. Left The Country (Yeah, the USA is pretty cool, especially New Hampshire)

62. Tried something you normally wouldn't like and liked it. (I went Jet boating that was awesome)

63. Cried Over The Silliest Thing (That’s what puberty is for right? Um, a music box?”

64. Ran A Mile (Ahem, Canadian. But me and my family will walk 4 km for the Alzheimer's foundation every year.)

65. Went To The Beach (Yeah, but the beach water doesn’t get warm till like, September.)

66. watched a new show (VOLTRON LEGENDARY DEFENDER!)


67. Eating: (Hold on, gotta get something from the kitchen………. Apple pie, hey, why not)

68. Drinking: (Water)

69. Getting ready to: (Do NOTHING)

70. Listening to: Steven Universe - Dance of Swords (Remix)

71. Plans for tomorrow/today: (School)

72. Waiting for: (Somebody to burst into my room for no apparent reason, it always happens)


73. Want kids: (Yeah)

74. Want to get married: (Yeah)

75. Careers in mind: (Artist, animator, voice actor or something else, baker?”

WHICH IS BETTER ON A BOY/GIRL : Boy, At least I think...

76. Lips or Eyes: Eyes

77. Shorter or Taller: Taller

78. Romantic or Spontaneous: Both

79. Nice Stomach or Nice Arms: Both? What kind of question is that?

80. Sensitive or Loud: Both

81. Hook-up or Relationship: Relationship

82. Troublemaker or Hesitant: Both


83. Lost glasses/contacts: Glasses, every day

84. Ran away from home: Um, not sure

85. Held a weapon for self-defense: I thought a ghost was in my basement once so I went downstairs with a butterknife.

86. Killed somebody: I hope not.

87. Broken someone's heart: Hmmm….

88. Been arrested: In a dream once…..


90. Yourself: Not really! Heh heh. Huh...

91. Miracles: Sure, why not?

92. Love at first sight: Yes.

93. Heaven: …. I think so.

94. Santa Claus: I have reasonable questions

96. Magic: Sure.


97. Is there one person you wanna be with right now: Just me myself and I at the moment

98. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life: HA HA HA! I DON’T KNOW!

99. Do you believe in God: I’m agnostic.

100. Post as 100 Truths and tag five people: Yeah!

So I will tag:



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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I am your average teen, and I just love making art!!!


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